Are you thinking of an international career?

Whether you're a recent graduate, or even a career professional looking to transition to new opportunities. The path to an international career is still the same, you just have to know what it is.

  • Maybe you've already built a career and experience, but don't know how that translates to an international career

  • Or maybe you’re a junior professional who’s had a number of internships or temporary jobs and want a real international career.

  • It could be you're in career transition, from the military or other organization, and you want to continue your work internationally.

  • But you find the whole process of translating your experience into an international career, where to start, the terminology, hiring processes, and more is all vague and lacks clarity.

The biggest problem...

Is not about resumes and bullet's about where you "fit" in the international system, how this "system" works.

Maybe you’ve tried to get guidance from your university or your professors...but they typically point you in the direction of acquiring more learning and degrees. Or you've been networking or attending career transition training, and you find that everyone is experiencing the same thing as you.

Which means you've probably wondered...

If you've been wasting your time on hundreds of applications and resume writing services, with no progress in sight.

Unfortunately, this can leave you with fear and doubt whether your investment will indeed pan out. You’re so passionate about doing work that makes a real impact on the world...But right now you just feel frustrated that you don’t understand the system (let alone start a career!) that will set you on the right path.

And without guidance or any real insider information providing you with what you truly need to keep spinning your wheels, applying for any job you come across - on the chance you'll get an interview.

Don’t stress, you’re not alone.

The truth is that starting and building an international career can feel a lot like a mystery - it's designed that way.

That’s because the international system is complex, and there is no predefined “international career” like we see in many other fields. In fact, many international organizations openly state that they are not career organizations. Although that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t — or can’t — create a very successful and meaningful career.

It DOES mean, however, that you need to be very intentional about how you build it!

And therein lies the issue with the current state of international careers: There has never been any guidance about HOW to start and build an international career in a way that truly works for the unique industry that it is.

Typical career advice is not sufficient because it only provides you with “template” recommendations, such as writing your resume, doing an internship, and conducting informational interviews. University professors aren’t giving better guidance, because their experience is in higher education and are most likely to refer you to get more courses, certifications, or degrees.

This lack of guidance can be extremely frustrating...and leave you wondering how you will ever find the right international job — or build the career you want — despite your years of education and/or experience.

Enroll today and you will receive:

  • 7 Modules

    That will help you create a roadmap to a successful international career. We cover everything from your personal brand, documentation, networking, mapping exercises, and more.

  • 17 Tools

    To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your life and career, and aid you in making the best decision for you, your career, and where you want to go.

  • Bonus Interviews

    Special bonus interviews conducted with HR professionals from the European Union and as well as from NATO, and a United Nations Department Head with some perspectives from the hiring board.

After completing the international career course you will:

  • Understand the international community and how it functions and operates

  • Build the right skill sets to create (and manage) a long-lasting international career

  • Devise an action plan to manage the typical three-year cycles of international jobseck

  • Understand what it’s like to live in different cultures

  • Learn how to capture and communicate your value in the international job market

  • Take ownership over your international career and its directionck

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Program Overview

Here's what you'll learn and explore in each module of the International Career Course. All designed to help you build your own roadmap and take ownership of your international career.

    1. Welcome to The Career Guide

    1. [WATCH] Understanding the International Job Market

    2. [DOWNLOAD] International Career Self-Evaluation

    3. [DOWNLOAD] The System at a Glance

    4. [WATCH] Life Decisions of an International Career - Life Planning

    5. [DOWNLOAD] Career Planning Action Workbook

    1. [WATCH] Reframe Your Story Using the STAR Method

    2. [DOWNLOAD] Communicating Your Competencies Worksheet

    3. [DOWNLOAD] Career Planning Action Workbook Exercise

    4. [WATCH] Understanding the Hiring Manager’s Point of View

    1. [WATCH] Personal Branding

    2. [DOWNLOAD] LinkedIn Personal Branding Checklist

    3. [DOWNLOAD] Career Planning Action Workbook Exercise

    4. [WATCH] Making Connections and Informational Interviews

    5. [DOWNLOAD] Connections You Need Worksheet

    1. [WATCH] Mapping for Opportunity

    2. [DOWNLOAD] “Mapping the Terrain” Instructions

    3. [DOWNLOAD] Career Planning Action Workbook Exercise

    4. [WATCH] Exercise Walkthrough

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With over 22 years of international work across three international organizations, I understand what it is like to find and start an international career. The frustration, obstacles, and lack of transparency in the hiring process are quite common amongst international organizations. Everyone who is working internationally knows the frustration, but I managed to work through these issues and now I'm here to share that experience with you so that you can learn, adapt, and be successful!

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